How To Build a Capsule Wardrobe

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If you’re looking to simplify your closet, you’re in the right place. Over the past year, I really focused on minimizing my wardrobe to pieces that are versatile and items I truly love–and thus I ended up building myself a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items that don’t go out of style and can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. The idea is to have around 30-40 pieces that you wear for 3 months (one season) until you transition in new pieces to wear for the next 3 months, and repeat.

This helps limit your shopping (and save money!) and make it easier to style outfits. I also find that it has the added bonus of helping keeping your closet organized and clean so you can see the items you actually love.

I own every item shown (or an identical one) and these have been the pieces I have worn over and over again this past year (or in some cases over 5+ years, like these Jimmy Choos and Banana Republic Sloan Pants that I’ve had since my first corporate job after college).

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own style, and every body shape is different so the essentials that work for me might not necessarily work for you. [About me: I am 5’4” and around 110 pounds. I have a slim, petite build (and absolutely no hips lol). I consider my style to be casual/French Minimalist.]. I prefer a black base color, but perhaps you don’t wear black so you would select a dark navy as your base color. You may also have a more feminine style, or prefer more color/patterns, so you can adjust your capsule wardrobe accordingly.

I of course own more items than these shown, but I’ve found it helpful to use this as a foundation for my wardrobe and only rotate in as few additional pieces as possible. I’ve linked to all my recommended essentials below!







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