Makeup & Skincare Products I Use to Help with My Adult Acne

What you see on Instagram: Filtered good skin

What you don’t see: All my forehead acne

A breakout on my cheeks

A good skin day – no makeup, no editing, no filter

My Struggle with Adult Acne

For the last couple of years I’ve been struggling with adult acne. My skin can be just fine, and then out of nowhere, my skin will have a bad break out (usually on my cheeks and forehead).

I have oily skin and have always had to deal with acne since high school, but I never would have imagined it would carry into my 30s!!

My forehead breakouts are the worst because the skin gets so much more irritated and inflamed. It’s also more difficult to cover up since it’s smack dab in the middle of your head lol.

My Diet/Eating Lifestyle To Help With My Acne

I don’t follow any specific ‘diet’ (I also don’t like ‘diets’ because they are often short-term) but rather I aim to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I believe it’s all about moderation.

I try to limit my sugar intake (this one is difficult for me because I have a major sweet tooth haha) and the amount of processed food I eat (I choose unpackaged, unprocessed food over packaged food when possible); I rarely eat dairy (or if I do it’s very little–like an egg); and I almost never eat red meat or drink alcohol or soda.

It may sound like I’m being very restrictive, but trust me, I still eat unhealthy. I eat out a lot (I love Taco Bell) and I often eat frozen meals from Whole Foods because I’m too busy to cook. I just try to have the healthiest and balanced lifestyle I can 🙂

My Skincare Routine

For a while I was being extremely lazy and I would use face wipes to clean and remove my makeup every night. But after consistently breaking out, I decided to get back into a full skincare routine.

I alternate between these different face washes/scrubs:

I also recommend this Foreo face cleanser, which unlike other brush heads, is made from silicone which helps resist against bacteria build-up. This will help remove ALL dirt and makeup and help uneven skin texture:

I use these religiously every night/morning (or on a weekly basis as directed):

For a natural spot treatment I use tea tree oil:

Makeup I Use:

For makeup, I use clean products which means they do not contain the toxic ingredients other brands use. Not putting toxic products on my face/skin certainly makes a HUGE difference. Here are all the products I use:

At-Home Tanning Product I Use [Helps Cover Acne/Acne Scars–100% Organic, Vegan & Cruetly-Free!]:

If anyone out there is struggling with acne, please know that NO ONE has perfect skin. While it can be embarrassing, many people [including myself] and celebs all deal with acne!


  1. Monika wrote:

    Wow! Nice result. 🙂 Thank you for honest post.

    Posted 3.23.20
  2. Dian wrote:

    For the isle of paradise tanning drops, do you premix the drops into a lotion bottle? Or do you mix lotion into your palm and apply drops into your hands?

    Posted 3.27.20

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