Friday Five: 5 New Favorites Finds

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday Five! I have some new favorites things I’ve recently discovered, so I thought I would share 5 of them in todays post 🙂

  1. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser

I’ve always struggled finding a face wash that doesn’t leave my face dry and tight after using it. This ELEMIS is the first one I’ve found that is gentle enough on my skin that doesn’t leave it feeling dry!

2. Clean Makeup Brand: bareMinerals

I haven’t used bareMinerals for years now, but after recently trying their products, I’m so happy to ‘rediscover’ this clean beauty brand!! I’ll be partnering with them over the next few months, so they sent me their new collection launches along with their makeup and I love everything–from their products, to their ingredients and values, this is such a great brand. I highly recommend try out their Skinlongevity Long Life Herb collection, Complexion Rescue, eyeshadow and lipstick for some clean products that really work.

3. New SOPHIYA products launching next week! Stay tuned for next week’s new arrivals–I can’t wait for these pieces!

4. To Add to Your Bucket List: Boston

I just got back from Boston, and OMG I LOVE BOSTON! If you love cobblestone streets, quaint neighborhoods, European architecture, lots of great eats, and beautiful parks, you will definitely want to add Boston to your bucket list!

5. Becoming by Michelle Obama

A nonpartisan, and deeply personal memoir of Michelle Obama’s time as First Lady, and her years leading up to becoming First Lady. She discusses her struggles, challenges, hopes and dreams and what it was like having to find her voice. A truly moving and important read for all women.