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I’m so excited to share my spring 2021 capsule collection! Since I started these capsule posts in 2019, they have been my most popular posts! A ton of hours goes into creating these [I have lots of capsule outfit ideas coming up!] and I’m so happy they are so well-received and helpful. Pinning, sharing, etc. my post is a huge help to my blog and I am so appreciative for the support!

If you are new to my blog, a capsule wardrobe is “a collection of a few essential items that don’t go out of style and can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. The idea is to have around 30-40 pieces that you wear for 3 months (one season) until you transition in new pieces to wear for the next 3 months, and repeat.”

This year I decided to break my capsule down to just a spring collection [last year I mixed it with summer] because I found it helpful focusing on one season at a time. I kept my collection curated to only the essential items, so the collection is only 24 pieces [not including the sunglasses].

I of course have more than these 24 pieces in my wardrobe, but I will stick to variations of these staple styles for any additional items. For example, I may own 2-3 types of knit sweaters, a pair of non-ripped blue jeans and a pair of ripped blue jeans, a pair of white skinny jeans and a pair white wide-leg pants. Even with only 24 pieces, however, you can create over 100 outfits variations!

A capsule wardrobe collection helps:

  • Minimize and declutter your closet
  • Save money in the long run [no throwing out clothes constantly to stay up with the ever-changing trends]
  • Make it easy to style outfits [versatile pieces makes it easy to pair everything together!]
  • Reduce the time you spend focusing on shopping, which allows you to increase the time you spend on other things!

I always like to add a reminder that everyone’s style is different so your collection doesn’t have to look like just like mine [I consider my style mix between a french minimalist/and California casual]. Stick to pieces that you truly love and fit your body type. I, for example, have decided that I really like wearing black year-round and so I’m going to keep black in my wardrobe palette for spring. You might instead opt for lighter colors, patterned pieces, or floral pieces instead black.

For this year’s collage, I included the description of the item so it’s easier to understand exact type of item it is. I also left out accessories/jewelry because jewelry is so personal and different for each person [plus I found it too difficult to limit myself–because I believe in keeping it minimal for everything, except when it comes to jewelry!]. Jewelry is the key to elevating any outfit–and if you are looking for some great pieces–check out my jewelry line SOPHIYA 🙂

Investing in quality pieces can be pricy, so don’t try to build your whole collection all at once! I also recommend searching your local thrift store or online second-hand sites to find quality, designer pieces at discounted prices.

I’ve linked to all my capsule pieces I own and a few similar recommendations [in case the piece I own is sold out]:









  1. Serena wrote:

    Hi! I must say that the bags and sunglasses are the pieces I prefer! Especially the small purses! So feminine!



    Posted 3.23.21
  2. Monika wrote:

    Very nice items. I like most of them. 🙂

    Posted 3.24.21

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