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I feel like I’ve been a little MIA on my blog lately–so hopefully i’ll catch up soon! Whenever I’m bogged down with lots of projects and SOPHIYA work, I don’t end up getting to my blog posts. My blog posts often take 2-4 hours+ to put together if you can believe it! So between creating and editing reels [2-4+ hours], daily posts and stories, working on brand partnerships AND managing SOPHIYA jewelry…there’s just not enough time in the day! But to everyone who visits and reads my blog [there’s now over a quarter million page views a month WOW]–thank YOU! I do love putting together blog posts that correspond with my IG posts because I feel like I can go more in depth and it gives my posts a permanent place to live [and easily find compared to IG].

Splurge vs Save

OK–that was a long winded intro to today’s post haha but today I’m talking about splurge [i.e investment] vs save workwear.

I wanted to put together this post, because it’s something I think I would have found helpful when I first started working in corporate and shopping for workwear.

If you have been following along for a while, you know I always recommend investing in quality staples. However, I realize not everyone’s budget allows them to do so.

‘Splurge’: Why Splurge Pieces Are Worth Investing In

When I started my first corporate job out of college, it was a strict business professional dress code and could only afford to shop at H&M. I began filling my closet with lots of fast fashion workwear/trendy pieces as I was shopping at H&M and Express [A LOT}, then upgraded to Banana Republic… and eventually Theory.

My coworker was the one who recommended Theory, and while I couldn’t afford it at first, after my first year of working and saving some money, I decided to invest in a few work staples. I bought three Theory suits [a black, navy and dark gray suit], two Theory silk blouses [white and black] and a pair of Jimmy Choo heels [I recommend this lower heel version].

That was almost 7 years ago…and can you guess what items still remain in my closet today? Those investment pieces. And they will probably remain in my closet for the next 10+ years [or you know, until I have kids and probably can’t fit into them anymore lol]. The point is, the ‘splurge’ pieces are an investment, because they are a better value in the long run. And not only will they save you $ in the long run, they also save you time [no need to spend your time shopping constantly for new items!], and it’s less wasteful.

‘Save’: Tips to Shop Smart on a Budget

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford the investment pieces at this time, there are still ways to shop smart and fill your wardrobe with quality, classic and versatile pieces [this applies to workwear and non-workwear!].

  • Shop secondhand: The best way to buy quality pieces on a budget is to shop secondhand. Check out your local secondhand store or Poshmark [which has so many great finds!]. And you can use my recommendations to find and find them on Poshmark!
  • Buy classic & versatile pieces: In my splurge vs save workwear reel, I compared a $1700 look to a $400 look. And I love the look of the $400 just as much [if not more!] than the $1700 look. While the quality of the material is not the same for items, you can see how choosing classic pieces can create a similar luxe look for much less. Stick to your neutral colors and stay away from trendy pieces for your staple items. Of course, some trendy items will make their way into your wardrobe, but it will be the staple items [i.e blazer, trousers, heels] that will consistently remain in your closet and get the most wear.

Where to Shop

Investment Workwear

theory suit business professional investment outfit


These are some of my top choices for quality, classic investment [and mid-tier investment] workwear:

Budget-Friendly Workwear

budget-friendly workwear business professional

H&M BLAZER [sold out, similar], UNIQLO ANKLE PANTS [sold out, similar] | ANN TAYLOR HEELS the best!| EVERLANE TOTE [sold out, similar budget-friendly]



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