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How to Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron

Happy Sunday everyone! I finally have my highly-requested hair tutorial up on my IGTV for how I curl my hair! Yay!

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Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Selects

Happy Monday!! A few months back I did a huge Sephora haul because I needed some skincare products to help with my acne and I needed to update some of my beauty products. I just found out Sephora is having…

Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Selects:

Adding Retinol to My Beauty Routine

I recently had a really bad breakout and it made me frustrated, that even as an adult, I was having to deal with acne (I thought high school would be the end of it!!). Nothing in my daily routine had…

Earth to Skin: Skincare Under $10

Over the last month or so, I began the transition to a clean [non-toxic and cruelty-free] beauty routine. The process of researching new products can be long and the you’ll often find the price for clean beauty products can be…

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